Your slow making community is waiting for you...

If you didn't already know Flock is a wonderful, vibrant community of spinners who are on the journey towards more mindful, fulfilling spinning.

The Flock Gates are typically only open a couple times per year, but you're in luck because one of those times is right now! Join by clicking below!




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Hi! I'm Kelly,

the spinster behind Spindle and Company. I'm thrilled to introduce you to my online membership...FLOCK!

Flock is an online membership and community for creative spinners who care deeply about the planet.

Flock gives you the support and clarity you need to go from feeling confused and unsure when you sit to spin, to confident and joyful, knowing your spinning practice is aligned with your values.


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Top 3 things spinners say to themselves when they go it alone...

I don't have the words! Things are happening with your wheel or your yarns but you don't know how to describe it! This makes asking for help or guidance super hard.

I don't know what the h*ck I'm doing! You often aren't sure if you're 'doing it right' or simply wasting time and $. The longer you feel like this the less time you spend spinning.

What do I make with it? Spinning yarn and using yarn are 2 very different skill sets. Often we end up with a stash shrouded in guilt because we feel like we shouldn't spin more until we use what we've already spun.

Flock can help you will all of this. Troubleshooting is easy when you're supported by a community of fellow spinsters.

Joining Flock lights up the path for you, to get from frustrated and deflated to in control and excited. 


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What my members have to say about Flock...


My favourite thing about Flock are the yarn tutorials - in 1 year I went from spinning my first yarn to now having multiple styles of yarns that I am comfortable spinning depending on what my weaving or knitting project might need! I am also aware of many more styles of yarn and I have the video tutorials easily accessible when I need to practice a new spinning style.  


I am so excited spinning is going to be added to my life in 2021!! Plus your wonderful community! I really am excited, especially to make new friends and feel connected to the group. 


I love flock because of the spinning community. Everyone is learning and has experience in different techniques, some have them mastered, others are still learning. It's great whenever you have a question because you know it will get answered!

Not sure you're in the right place yet? Let me clarify.

Flock is for you if you:

  • are committed to caring for our planet, its animals and people
  • want to learn more about the fibres we spin
  • are looking for ways to make your spinning more enjoyable, more fulfilling and more meaningful
  • want to gain better control over your wheel and yarns so that you create yarns that will be loved for a lifetime
  • are craving connection with other fibre loving folks

Flock is not for you if:

  • are a serial course collector or subscriber. I don't want you to waste your money if you already suspect you'll join but never ever log in. Maybe head on over to You Tube and save your hard earned pennies. No hard feelings.
  • don't care about the fibres you use, you just want your yarns to look pretty and sell quickly
  • aren't open to discussing matters of great importance like inequality, racism and inclusion as and when they arise inside our group spaces. 
  • you like to whinge (complain) or find fault with everything, we are here to seek joy.
  • are seeking purely technical how to spinning instructions. YES there will be lots of 'how to' but this membership is really for those wanting to go deeper, feel connected to the fibres we spin and commit to a spinning practice that supports our whole mind and body.
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How to shift your life from reactive to intentional through spinning yarn. 


You might be thinking how can spinning help me live a more joyful life.

Once you learn to spin nothing looks the same!

Slow! As you may know spinning is a slow craft. And once you fall in love with spinning the entire world of slow living seems to open up to you. Slow knitting, slow sewing, slow making. 

Textiles! Every table cloth or sweater seems fresh to you once you begin to understand how it was made. This leads to a deeper desire to make decisions which care for our planet. 

Calm! Taking the time to learn this old slow craft really gives you some structure. It helps you make sure you get the quiet time you crave on the regular. A chance to escape without having to leave your house. 


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So what's inside Flock?

Each month a digital 'Yarn Parcel' goes live inside the Flock Hub. In it you will find... 

Yarn Tutorial

One 10-15min video clearly demonstrating how YOU can spin a new type of yarn.

These are priceless because they save you HOURS of fuzzy, shaky videos on YouTube (you know the ones I'm talking about!)

Getting ONE clear, curated tutorial will help you learn more, faster.

Fibre Field Guide

A members only podcast with accompanying pdf giving you all the important information about the months featured fibre. 

The Fibre Field Guide is like a cheat sheet to years of acquired fibre knowledge.

Imagine having all the information from 20+ in depth articles on fibre delivered straight to your ears in 30mins or less!

Flock Talk

A live Zoom call where we can connect, listen to a fascinating guest speaker, play games and get questions answered. 

Here's why this matters...spinning can be a lonely gig. Your real life friends often don't get what you do or why you love it. But we do!

Live calls create meaningful connections!

Curated Pinterest Board

Each month I create a Pinterest board, featuring both the month's fibre type and yarn type. 

This is so powerful when you need some fresh ideas. Imagine never getting stuck in a creative block alone ever again! 

Simply visit the board and you will be sure to find at least one new idea to keep you feeling excited. 

Private Facebook Group

We all know we are better together.

Community matters because it's how we thrive.

This private Facebook group for paid members only is your place to express yourself and be seen, heard and understood. 

Here's the thing, being supported by like minded spinners could be the ONE key to you feeling more joy at the wheel. 


More ways for you to join Flock...monthly, yearly or on a 7 day trial! 

What my current members are saying...


My favourite thing about Flock is being a part of a community…and not just any community, but the FLOCK community! Having the ability to reach out for extra love & support when things aren’t quite working out as i’d hoped they would, or learning from a one on one Zoom sesh to do a little trouble shooting? These are just a couple of the things that I love about being a member of Flock. Oh yeah, and  I also love being able to ask questions as they arise and having them answered each week. 

And I can’t speak about Flock without mentioning one of the loveliest humans - Kelly…xo


Until I watched your tutorial, I didn't even know this method of spinning existed! This is exactly why I signed up for your courses, Kelly!


“I must say that the spinning world has the most embracing people that I have ever met. I think I've found my creative tribe. Thank you for all your help...heading over to join the Flock now. ”