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I've asked over 25 talented individuals in the fibre arts industry ONE awesome question and complied their answers just for you. Want to know what brand of scissors the best in the business use? Or their savvy tips on weaving needles from years in the game? The snacks that fuel them? Heck yeah you do! 

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So, what is Flock all about again?

Flock is my new online membership for hand spinners. Yep...spinning wheels like in Sleeping Beauty. Cool huh!

Learning how to use a spinning wheel can be daunting, overwhelming, and to be honest down right boring IF you're trawling through one unedited you tube video after another. 

There is LOADS of free content, yes I said FREE CONTENT, absolutely everywhere. Online, in old's not hard to find. What is hard is the amount of info, the way it's delivered and the feeling of going it alone. 

My mission is to cut through this chaotic slightly snooze worthy overwhelm and teach you to spin yarn by hand the FUN way! 

Each month we'll take small, achievable steps towards true spinsterhood, together. We will be alongside one another in an online community where we can chat and make new friends, share progress and just have fun. 

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Each month there will be 3 main components...


Video Tutorials

Stunning, edited, concise video tutorials. Great lighting, a variety of wheels and fibres...everything you need to see and understand HOW to spin a new style of yarn. 

Think me, spinning a cool type of yarn and you gracefully floating above (via your screen) so you can see how my hands are moving or how the fibres need to be drafted. Basically the next best thing to a private spinning lesson in person. 

Fibre Field Guide

Audio file with a companion downloadable pdf. Each month we'll learn about one new fibre type or form. This will be a great little educational but FUN thing you can listen to while you spin or while on the go. 

Think learning about spinning yak one month, then the next month it's all about spinning rabbit fur or what kinds of sheep have coloured fleeces. Snack size info so you don't fall asleep mid 'lineage of the modern sheep' type lecture. 

We're LIVE baby!

Once each month we'll go live via zoom so we can SEE each other! These live calls via zoom will be a mix of me teaching, guest speakers, member show and tell and so much more! (and will all be recorded so you can watch anytime!)

This is where we will connect and get to know each other as real living breathing spinsters. 

We also have 2 community spaces online, one on Facebook and one inside the members hub, so we can chat throughout the whole month too. 

What if I already know how to spin?

Chances are if you've been spinning for any length of may have settled into a groove. And while this is great, grooves keep us on track, they also get deeper the more we use them. 

When was the last time you tried a totally new type of yarn? Have you confidently mastered art yarns, or nailed getting your yarns balanced? 

Even if you've been spinning for decades I'm willing to bet a little refresher and encouragement to try something new, something you haven't done in ages, might be exciting and just the kind of reinvigorating your spinning needs. 

Plus you may well be a true blue spinster, but do you have a whole host of spinster friends you can lean on? Probably not. That's why joining Flock will not only make your spinning more exciting, but it'll give your life a breath of fresh air in the form of new friends as well. 

Win win win huh! 

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A little about me...the one woman show behind Flock. 

Hi, Kelly here!

I'm the founder and owner of Spindle and Company and I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce you to my brand new online membership...FLOCK!

Whether you own a spinning wheel or would like to, are a new spinner or have been spinning for some time now, Flock is for you!

Each month you'll get access to an exciting array of hand spinning resources. There will be video tutorials, audio files, live trainings and FAQ plus a whole lot more. 

My mission is to help you make progress and take your hand spun yarns to the next level.

To get in on all the action be sure to sign up for my waitlist. I can't wait to welcome you into the fold. 

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