How To Make A Suint Bath

How to clean a fleece faster and with less effort.

Have you ever tried to process your own fleece and ended up sweating and cursing? Have you repeatedly filled your bathtub with filthy sheep water, spent hours scouring and rinsing? Has your partner ever nervously suggested you do it 'outside' so the house doesn't smell like a wet shearing shed?

Well my friend if any of these scenarios sounds familiar I have an amazing suggestion for you...try a suint bath! 

Now I'm certainly not about to promise it won't smell, cause holy moly does it smell like a shearers singlet after 3 days of hard yakka, but it does not take anywhere near the amount of time and it can be done all outside of your house! 

What is a suint bath?

First up what is it, this stinky outdoorsy bath I speak of. Great question! 

It's essentially a method of cleaning fleece, of removing the dirt and the lanolin, by way of fermentation.

So in a nutshell you stick a dirty fleece in a tub of rainwater...

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The Best Yarn For New Spinners

2 ply beginners micron May 26, 2022

Where To Start If You're A New Spinner

Have you ever seen a toddler try to run? It's like they are so full of excitement and joy and enthusiasm they just launch themselves forward, forgetting their feet can't really zoom off with them.

It often ends in tumbles and spills, they scrape a knee and there may be tears, but over time their feet get quicker and they fall less. 

And yes in this analogy new spinners can be the toddlers, their yarn the scraped knee and their feet, well their feet I guess are simply just feet!

However, what I see time and again is brand new super enthusiastic spinners feeling deflated because their first yarn was a total disaster. And it makes me so sad to see that, to see them doubt their decision to buy a wheel, to try a creative hobby, to buy those alpacas. 

Fear not my friend!!! All you need do is learn to tie your shoe laces and jog!

No really, you don't start spinning at a full run, and if you try to it almost always ends in a completely...

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How To Soothe An Anxious Mind With Fiber

anxiety Mar 28, 2022

Comfort Food Move Over...

What is Comfort Fiber?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear someone talk about 'comfort food'? For me it's pumpkin soup and fresh bread, scones with jam and cream, chocolate or a steaming cup of tea. 

Over the past few years I have discovered that while yes I absolutely love comfort foods and crave them, especially when the weather is cool, I also have an insatiable appetite for comfort pass times. 

When I am stressed, anxious, sad, bored or overwhelmed I typically turn to something familiar, something I love and something that's portable, that I can bring with me out into the world, FIBRE!

Long wait at the fracture clinic for my broken thumb? I bring my knitting. An hour in the hot stuffy heated pool complex while my kids have swimming lessons, I bring my basket weaving. Slow evenings watching my sick dog tremble and shake with some unknown illness, I sit with my knitting by his side so I can watch him and stay calm...

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What to Gift This Easter That's Not Chocolate?

cotton Mar 13, 2022

What to Gift This Easter That's Not Chocolate?

If aisle upon aisle of sugar filled Easter chocolate makes you feel queasy then this is for you! 

I love chocolate just as much as the next person, maybe more than many people to be honest, but you know what just gets my goat? Easter chocolates in the supermarket!!! 

They literally fill the shelves as soon as the Christmas items have cleared out, and then hang around for months, prompting tantrums from little kids and guilt ridden binges by mums who can't take the pressures our modern lives heap on us. 

They are wrapped in tons of plastic, are filled with nasty sweeteners and preservatives and to top it all of they don't even taste all that good. 

If you love chocolate at Easter look for small businesses that make chocolates, or choose chocolates wrapped only in foil or cardboard. You'll feel so much better for shopping responsibly this Easter if you make just a few simple changes and avoid the flashy...

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3 Rustic Fibers to Spin While Watching Outlander

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2022

Who else loves spinning rustic fibres that take you to another place?

If you're a fibre lover like me and you've watched even one episode of Outlander, then I'm willing to bet you've dreamt of making something super rustic and highland-esque on more than one occasion.

I'm going to share with you 3 rustic fibres to spin while watching Outlander to help transport you onto that misty mountain top right alongside Claire Fraser.

Fiber number one...Cheviot.

Cheviot is often described as an 'old fashioned fibre' and in my books old fashioned almost always makes things more appealing. Cheviot fibre comes from Cheviot sheep, wonderfully solid mountain sheep from the Cheviot Hills that lie along the border of England and Scotland. 

Cheviot fibre is a creamy white and has a helical crimp, meaning it's super springy and very warm. It holds its shape incredibly well and is prefect for items that will need to withstand long walks through the brambles as you ignore Jamie's directions to...

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Salt Water and Nuclear Fall Out...Why I Just Can't Get Enough of Camels!

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2022

Is camel fiber the right fibre for you?

When I'm dreaming up a project, window shopping on Ravelry or ferreting through my roving stash I am often drawn to the fibre type over anything else.

I used to rely almost solely on colour but now that I've expanded my fibre knowledge a bit I really do love to let the animal or plant take centre stage. I'll typically be much happier with the finished product when I've chose the right kind of fibre as opposed to the perfect shade of the wrong fibre. 

One of my favourite luxury fibres to spin with has got to be camel. It is super soft and comes in such wonderful warm natural colours.

Plus as soon as I think about those fibres literally sitting on a camels back, protecting it from the harsh sun or perhaps freezing snow, blowing gently in the cool evening air or rubbing against a tree, well everything just gets a whole lot more magical! 

So today I thought I'd help you get a little better acquainted with camels and let you in on some...

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February Fibre Box Reveal

box reveal Feb 28, 2022

Want to unbox with me?

Who doesn't love an unboxing? Today I'm super excited to be able to share my latest Well Spun Box with you, it was a really fun one that even led to a very serendipitous encounter in a thrift store! 

Every quarter I hunt down a truly wonderful fibre for my subscribers, maybe something super local to me, something they've never tried before or something with a really wonderful 'green' footprint. 

This quarter for the Summer box I chose cotton! I know it's a little odd because cotton is harvested in the cooler months but we love to wear cotton in the summer, so it seemed like a perfect fit. 

Also, when I asked my subscribers what they wanted the vast majority of them said they wanted to 'try something new'! So here it is, farm fresh cotton! 

The Cotton

The beautiful white fluffy clouds you see here were grown literally right here where I live! Ok so not in my actual backyard but once you pass the town limit sign you're in cotton...

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What Is A Micron and Why Does It Matter?

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2022

Does spinning jargon make you cringe?

Has anyone ever asked you what micron count you like to spin? This just happened recently to one of my freshest members and she came to me saying 'help! I had no clue what they were talking about so I just stared blankly at them'. And can I just say I have SO been there! 

When you learn to spin yarn I find you get into these odd conversations where

A- you're talking to another spinner and you feel like such a newb and get all embarrassed because you don't know what ply angle you like best for sock yarn,

or B- you're talking to a non-spinner and you feel like a total dork/oddball who may as well have 2 heads because they so don't understand a word you're saying.

Cue social anxiety!

So today I thought we'd learn about micron count, what is it, why does it matter, and how it can be affected by various factors, so that next time you're at a dinner party (do people actually still have those anymore? ) you can waffle with the best of...

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