February Fibre Box Reveal

box reveal Feb 28, 2022

Want to unbox with me?

Who doesn't love an unboxing? Today I'm super excited to be able to share my latest Well Spun Box with you, it was a really fun one that even led to a very serendipitous encounter in a thrift store! 

Every quarter I hunt down a truly wonderful fibre for my subscribers, maybe something super local to me, something they've never tried before or something with a really wonderful 'green' footprint. 

This quarter for the Summer box I chose cotton! I know it's a little odd because cotton is harvested in the cooler months but we love to wear cotton in the summer, so it seemed like a perfect fit. 

Also, when I asked my subscribers what they wanted the vast majority of them said they wanted to 'try something new'! So here it is, farm fresh cotton! 

The Cotton

The beautiful white fluffy clouds you see here were grown literally right here where I live! Ok so not in my actual backyard but once you pass the town limit sign you're in cotton country! 

This particular lot of cotton was actually dead stock, it had been set aside for a super sweet cotton gin worker who studies fashion design while working at the gin. She used most of it in her runway designs (she won awards in Sydney and everything for her amazing work!) but the remainder sat idle for a while. 

Super lucky for me and my subscribers when I called the gin to see if they could help me out I got Georgia on the phone, and her left over cotton found it's way into my ethical fibre box. Isn't that just so perfect! 


Now because I just love to travel and am a closet language nerd, taking my subscribers on an adventure while they spin is such a big part of what I do. So, for this box I decided to pair the super local cotton with something else local, but with a Turkish twist. 

Turkey is the world's largest producer of organic cotton, and also has very progressive laws in place to prohibit the use of GMO seeds. 

So while our cotton was grown here in Australia, I decided to shift us a little ways across the globe and centre our meditation in Turkey, a nation known for it's long history of growing 'white gold'. 

A Sensory Gift

Each Well Spun box comes with the featured fibre, naturally, as well as one carefully chosen sensory gift. This is a handmade item from a small business that really engages one of the 5 senses, and helps my subscribers fall deeply into their moving meditation.

In this summer box, to complement the cotton and the Turkish theme, I worked with a candle maker, who worked with a potter, to create these amazing little 'Turkish Rose' scented candles. 3 Aussie women owned business coming together here, what's not to love!

These candles come perfectly cradled in some dusky pink linen, they honestly made me sigh when I opened them they smell so amazing!

You can picture it can't you, sitting with your wheel, super calm, meditating and hearing the whisper of the rose scented candle as it burns next to you. Ahhhhh! 

Plus of course it's a candle with no nasty toxins or chemical or 'fragrances', it's made of the good stuff with a led free wick. 



Now for the kinda crazy thrift store magic! 

For each box I create a guided fibre meditation, and yes I did make that term up, but it fits what I do so well. 

I create a downloadable meditation for my subscribers that they listen to while they spin, so for each I start with more a traditional meditation portion, then I move into a moving meditation. 

A moving meditation is simply a meditation you do whilst moving in a slow, steady, often repetitive way. Think labyrinth walking, tai chi, that kind of head space.

And with each meditation I try to really put my subscribers in the place, so they can really sink into the experience. For our summer box the meditation features Pamukkale, an incredible UNESCO World Heritage site in Turkey. 

If you haven't heard of it before, it's name translates to 'Cotton Castle' and it is a wonderous hillside of travertine limestone. It was made from a spring overflowing and cascading down a cliff, and over time has built up these incredible thermal pools you can wade in. It's just magical. 

Anyhow, after doing all this reading and creating my meditation, I was utterly shocked to find this tiny trinket from you guessed it...Pamukkale in my local thrift store!!! I mean WHAT are the odds! 

It's even still got the 44,000 TL price tag on the under side!

3 weeks ago I would've passed this by with no idea what it was, but now, ahhhh, I love it when magic happens! 

That's a wrap!

I hope this little insight into how I plan my boxes and just what kinds of things you can expect as a Well Spun subscriber made you smile! I get so much joy out of planning these and shipping them all around the world (in super eco friendly packaging I might add!)

To subscribe or purchase one off boxes from my catalog simply click here.

And I'd love to hear in the comments of any crazy thrift store magic you've experienced! Or of course if you've been to Turkey please share a little story with us! I love to hear about people's travels! 

Kelly x




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