The Best Yarn For New Spinners

2 ply beginners micron May 26, 2022

Where To Start If You're A New Spinner

Have you ever seen a toddler try to run? It's like they are so full of excitement and joy and enthusiasm they just launch themselves forward, forgetting their feet can't really zoom off with them.

It often ends in tumbles and spills, they scrape a knee and there may be tears, but over time their feet get quicker and they fall less. 

And yes in this analogy new spinners can be the toddlers, their yarn the scraped knee and their feet, well their feet I guess are simply just feet!

However, what I see time and again is brand new super enthusiastic spinners feeling deflated because their first yarn was a total disaster. And it makes me so sad to see that, to see them doubt their decision to buy a wheel, to try a creative hobby, to buy those alpacas. 

Fear not my friend!!! All you need do is learn to tie your shoe laces and jog!

No really, you don't start spinning at a full run, and if you try to it almost always ends in a completely...

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