February Fibre Box Reveal

box reveal Feb 28, 2022

Want to unbox with me?

Who doesn't love an unboxing? Today I'm super excited to be able to share my latest Well Spun Box with you, it was a really fun one that even led to a very serendipitous encounter in a thrift store! 

Every quarter I hunt down a truly wonderful fibre for my subscribers, maybe something super local to me, something they've never tried before or something with a really wonderful 'green' footprint. 

This quarter for the Summer box I chose cotton! I know it's a little odd because cotton is harvested in the cooler months but we love to wear cotton in the summer, so it seemed like a perfect fit. 

Also, when I asked my subscribers what they wanted the vast majority of them said they wanted to 'try something new'! So here it is, farm fresh cotton! 

The Cotton

The beautiful white fluffy clouds you see here were grown literally right here where I live! Ok so not in my actual backyard but once you pass the town limit sign you're in cotton...

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