How To Make A Suint Bath

How to clean a fleece faster and with less effort.

Have you ever tried to process your own fleece and ended up sweating and cursing? Have you repeatedly filled your bathtub with filthy sheep water, spent hours scouring and rinsing? Has your partner ever nervously suggested you do it 'outside' so the house doesn't smell like a wet shearing shed?

Well my friend if any of these scenarios sounds familiar I have an amazing suggestion for you...try a suint bath! 

Now I'm certainly not about to promise it won't smell, cause holy moly does it smell like a shearers singlet after 3 days of hard yakka, but it does not take anywhere near the amount of time and it can be done all outside of your house! 

What is a suint bath?

First up what is it, this stinky outdoorsy bath I speak of. Great question! 

It's essentially a method of cleaning fleece, of removing the dirt and the lanolin, by way of fermentation.

So in a nutshell you stick a dirty fleece in a tub of rainwater...

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