What to Gift This Easter That's Not Chocolate?

cotton Mar 13, 2022

What to Gift This Easter That's Not Chocolate?

If aisle upon aisle of sugar filled Easter chocolate makes you feel queasy then this is for you! 

I love chocolate just as much as the next person, maybe more than many people to be honest, but you know what just gets my goat? Easter chocolates in the supermarket!!! 

They literally fill the shelves as soon as the Christmas items have cleared out, and then hang around for months, prompting tantrums from little kids and guilt ridden binges by mums who can't take the pressures our modern lives heap on us. 

They are wrapped in tons of plastic, are filled with nasty sweeteners and preservatives and to top it all of they don't even taste all that good. 

If you love chocolate at Easter look for small businesses that make chocolates, or choose chocolates wrapped only in foil or cardboard. You'll feel so much better for shopping responsibly this Easter if you make just a few simple changes and avoid the flashy...

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