Your First Skein

AUD $87

Top features

  • 5 modules delivered one per week for the next 5 weeks, to help guide you towards true spinning love
  • Video lessons PLUS downloadable, clickable cheat sheets
  • Weekly email to help keep you on track towards your goal
  • Access to support from me if you should run into any issues. 

In this course you will learn how to fall in love with spinning yarn.

Each week we will explore a new stage of the spinning process, to help guide you gently along to finding your perfect wheel match! You're in the right place if you:

  • don't own a wheel yet
  • don't know anything about spinning yarn but desperately want to 
  • are committed to learning a new skill that will open up so many new joys to you
  • are a new spinner needing some more support and foundation level info to help you make more progress

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By the time you finish this course you will:

Have discovered which wheel is your perfect match. We'll talk about where to buy a wheel, the different kinds available and which one might suit you best.

Know how to buy fibre to spin. We'll cover what kinds of fibres are available, how and where to buy them and more.

Feel confident when you sit down to spin. We'll cover each and every step you'll need to know to take you from fluffy fibre to a finished yarn.

Understand all the terminology. We will learn the jargon and have you knowing your niddy noddys from your lazy kates in no time!

And most importantly you will finish this course feeling empowered and excited! We'll discuss setting intentions and mindful spinning, as well as being at peace with the learning process. 

So what are you waiting for my friend? 

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