Ep 9: Suint Bath 101 - The Crock Pot of the Fibre Washing World

Season #1

In this episode I'll be walking you through step by stinky step of fermenting a fleece. Yep that's right, I said fermenting!

If you're new to the spinning fibre world you may not have heard about this method yet, but let me tell you while it may be smelly it works so well and will save you not only time but water! 

In a nutshell a suint bath is a vat of water you let your dirty fleece soak in until the majority of the dirt has come out. I'll talk you through the science behind how and why this works in this episode to help you understand why it's such an effective method. 

Say goodbye to bath tubes full of stinky sheep water and hello to the crock pot of fibre washing! 

If you'd like to follow along in writing I made a blog post to go with this episode. Click here to have a look! 


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