Ever googled ‘ways to cure anxiety’ then died a little inside?

It hurts right? 

Join me in slow living and                                                  learn to feel great again. 

I'm ready!

Ever googled 'ways to cure anxiety' then died a little inside? 

It hurts right? 

Join me in slow living and learn to feel great again. 

Show Me How

I know you’re feeling like life has lost a little of its sparkle. You don’t laugh as much anymore, you sit cross legged and pull out dusty photo albums to remind yourself you used to be fun and fearless. 


Sometimes you even hope you’ll get sick just so you don’t have to face that meeting. 


I get it.


There’s nothing worse than taking that huge breath in before you enter a restaurant thinking ‘am I going to lose it in there and have an adult sized meltdown.’ 


It’s enough to make you want to turn around and run all the way home feigning sudden onset diarrhea! Trust me I’ve been there. (Ok not the diarrhea part but the wanting to run part!)


Here's How I Can Help


I already knew of Kelly through her spinning and weaving and when she created this platform it was a no brainer as I already loved her sweet and kind vibe and knew I'd love anything she created. I learnt to relax more and embrace my yarns imperfections and celebrate them. 



But you know what? It’s not your fault!


Having an anxious mind is not something you did to your own brain. It’s so many things, genetics, stress, trauma, abuse. Heck it could even be part of a chemical imbalance, we still don’t have all the answers yet. 


It’s not your fault restaurants cram their tables so close together, or that they play their music too loudly, or that your friends chose the one restaurant you have to take the train to get to. 


You’ve been jostled and shaken up by so many sounds and noises and commuters all before you even arrived, and now you have to waltz in like it was nothing.


Life is so hectic and fast and overwhelming that you start to feel like you’re pushed to keep up just like everyone else, even though you’re not everyone else.

In most cities a casual pub, or “it” restaurant, filled with 200 patrons all talking super loudly and acting like the music blaring is ‘so great’, is totally normal, nothing to see here.


Innovation and technology have given us so many beautiful possibilities. But somewhere along the line, we’ve made that mean we should be capable of handling everything life throws at us.


Hop on a 14 hour plane ride, no big deal.

Take the kids to the circus and sit in a stinking hot tent for 2 hours, no big deal.

Have a nice dinner by the water with your family after a 6 hour car trip, no big deal. 

Be “on” for several hours a day, in meetings, on the phone, on social media … all of it, no big deal.


Our modern world is built without taking mental well-being into account and that’s why it can be hard for you to navigate it sometimes. 


It’s like we live inside a pressure cooker where everything gets faster and smoother and more efficient to the point where something’s gotta give. 


Don’t let it be you. 

Here's How I Can Help


 I loved the classes because it was just one technique at a time and I could ask Kelly any questions I had. I had a great experience and loved seeing another person spin. I also loved listening to Kelly’s podcasts and learning more about the background of each fiber and technique. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of learning with Kelly, especially as covid lock downs have stopped me from attending local groups. Kelly has a wonderful way of explaining just how to achieve the results you want with your yarn. Her video tutorials are excellent and you feel that she is in the room beside you... I share Kelly's view that spinning is good for our wellbeing, we can use spinning as a way to relax, meditate, control stress/anxiety as well as generally helping our mental wellbeing.


If it sounds like I’m inside your head right now it's not because I’m psychic or drink tea leaves standing on my head, it’s because I’ve been there


I was a straight A student ready for big exciting things. An overachiever insanely dedicated to doing my best, happiest trekking through the Amazon or exploring underground salt mines in Colombia. Ready for adventure and excited to do big things with my life. 


Then I quit my university degree, left the city to return to my small hometown, fell in love and now have 2 kids and a white picket fence (which I freaking love btw, stereotypes be damned).


What happened next, in the season of life where I thought I’d swapped my adventurous bustling life for the simple pleasures of growing sweet peas and burping babies absolutely blindsided me.


  • I would sit and watch my houseplants die instead of caring for them like I used to. 


  • I needed a friend to take me to get a new kitchen faucet because I literally couldn’t go alone. 


  • I would go on road trips to visit friends only to spend half the car ride in a state of absolute panic feeling like we were all going to die.


  • It felt like I was losing my mind and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever dealt with. 


If only I knew then what I know now…. 


13yrs have passed since I had my first panic attack, and I feel so saddened for that young woman, alone and terrified with no idea what was happening to her. 


Today I still have panic attacks, I still deal with trauma from sexual abuse and having lived through perinatal depression. 


I still wake up some nights sweating and feeling like I’m going to throw up or pass out. Because this anxiety thing is real, and there’s no such thing as a quick fix.


But, and it’s a big but here,  I know how to live a full and happy life right alongside my anxiety, and my yarn spinning journey has played an enormous role in my happy, full life.


When you take something that is so pure and fresh, like wool from a snow white ewe, and spend time sitting with it, watching it twist and gather into a fine thread, something magical happens


The world starts to feel less heavy, you can let your mind wander and indulge in the slowness of it all.


When the yarn is spun and it’s time to weave those cloud like fibres into something soft and warm you sink into nature. 


Your breathing gets a little slower, your anxious mind starts to settle into a rhythm, a moving mediation. 


When knitting needles clack or wheel treadles squeak ever so softly, your mind and your body are working together to keep you safe and keep you grounded. 


When you learn to spin yarn you learn to practice deep gratitude. From your first spinning wheel to washing your first ball of yarn, you’ll go on a journey unlike any other. 


Everything looks fresh to your eyes again and you’ll be building the skills you need to support your mental wellness for decades to come. 


Inside Time To Unwind you’ll learn everything you need to know about spinning yarn in a way that can help support your mental health.


You’ll experience a new sense of peace and joy as I walk with you, giving you gentle guidance that not only allows you to dive into a whole new creative practice, but I’ll also show you how I use spinning in my own life to help me stay calm and connected. 


You deserve a happy and full life, you’ll have a tool you’ve been waiting for. One that can help you glide into the restaurant, breathe with intention and make your life yours again.


If you’ve tried everything you can think of, from exercise to meditation, medication to whole foods, therapy to self help books, and you still feel like you need more tools, then spinning could be the very thing you’re looking for.

Time To Unwind

AUD $295

You're ready if:

  • You need to ease your anxiety
  • You want to live a slower life 
  • You love to learn new things
  • You want to feel more grateful, connected and joyful
  • You're excited to get creative!
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